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Pull up Bar for Doorway -

Pull up Bar for Doorway -

Pullupbar with 2024 Enhanced Smart Hook Angled Grip Home Gym Exercise Equipment US Patent (Fits Almost All Doors)

  • Ergonomic angled end to help protect wirst, ideal for latissimus training.The length of the upper bar is firstly shortened to 39.17 inch from 47.24 inch by IRON AGE, making it perfect for shoulder width pull ups.
  • 2024 Enhanced smart hook - Smart hook enables the pull-up bar to be securely attached to the door frame, reducing the likelihood of damaging the door frame.The form grip on the upper bar is divided into four small ones; with the angled grip ends, they together offer a wide range of different grip options
  • Preimum silicone door protectors can prevent damage to your door frame. The bar leaves no mark on your frame. Multiple foldable designs are the best space saver. You can store it in a few seconds after convenient training
  • Multiple use flexible uses include push-up and sit ups. The distance between the two "hook " is cut down to 22.83", making it almost fit all doors, even doors in the corner. Fits a door width of 22.83" - 36.22"(58-92 cm) and depth of 8.27"(21 cm); Acceptable trim height up to 3.54"(9 cm). It holds up to 400 lbs (200kg).
  • While significant efforts have been made to ensure compatibility with various doorways (including shortening the distance between the two hooks to accommodate narrower doors and reducing the length of the upper bar to fit corner doors near walls), In the rare instance that our product may not fit certain unique doorways, If that happens,contact us promptly for assistance.
  • Our high-quality pull-up bar, the great body-building apparatus and a must-have for your home gym. This manually-operated exercise equipment offers a versatile and challenging workout experience. Designed with a focus on upper body strength, it includes specialized chest pulls for targeted muscle development. As an added bonus, we provide exercise bands with the pull-up bar, allowing you to enhance your training with a variety of resistance exercises. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, this training bar is a reliable and efficient piece of physical fitness equipment. Elevate your fitness routine and achieve your goals with our pull-up bar and included exercise bands


IRON AGE Pull up Bar is a revolution in portable and storable home exercise equipment


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